Services include matters such as:

  • Contract review and drafting. Special circumstances? Get it reviewed before you sign.
  • Contract disputes, claims, & litigation. Breach of contract? Failure to disclose? Builder problems/defenses and RCLA.
  • Boundary disputes/resolution.
  • Easement creation and removal.
  • Cloud on title removal. Lien search and removal. Homestead judgments. TTT & Quiet Title.
  • HOA formation. Deed Restriction creation, enforcement and resolution.
  • Evictions. Commercial eviction or defense (Landlord and tenant). Residential eviction (Landlords only).
  • Commercial Lease negotiation
  • Owner financing & Release of Liens.
  • Deeds - Transactions, Change in relationship status.
  • Foreclosure.
  • Estate Management - Probate, Small Estates, Transfer on Death Deeds, Trusts.