Laws pertaining to bankruptcy changed dramatically in 2005 Be sure to select a bankruptcy lawyer familiar with the changes.

Bankruptcy is intended to be a fresh start for those burdened by too much debt (credit card debt, medical bills, debts caused by unemployment, disability or divorce, foreclosure deficiency, deficiencies resulting from repossessions, and/or surrender of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and other motorized vehicles, judgments, etc) to seek relief and turn energies to productive use.

Individuals typically choose between Chapter 7 Liquidation (now requiring Means Test qualification) , Chapter 13 Individual Debt Adjustment, or Chapter 12 Family Farmer bankruptcy.

Businesses typically choose between a Chapter 7 Liquidation or Chapter 11 Reorganization. Depending on the circumstances, bankruptcy can protect you from harassing collection agents, lawsuits, judgments, enforcement of judgments, and/or foreclosure.